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Gender: Male
About Myself: Hey what's up? I'm a graduate from Woodland Hills High School and the prestigious Community College of Allegheny County(I'll hold for applause) Questions? Comments? Concerns? Inquiries? IM me at CWalken83 or E-mail me. Good piece of advice: Drink apple juice...because OJ will kill you.
Date of Birth: August 02 1983
Highschool: Woodland Hills
Location: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15104
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Relationship Status: single
Interests: watching movies, hanging out, playing ps2, drinking, playing pool and darts(I'll get my revenge)dating, watching tv, football, impressions
Favorite Music: Beatles, Jet, Blink 182, Reel Big Fish, Weezer, American Hi-Fi, Bowling for Soup, Tenacious D, Green Day, Ray Charles, Bobby Darin, Aerosmith, Movie Soundtracks, comedy cds
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Favorite Movies: Die Hard, American Beauty, Poolhall Junkies, Swingers, Goodfellas, Napoleon Dynamite, Pulp Fiction, Old School, Usual Suspects, Unforgiven, Sideways, Whipped, Snatch, Suicide Kings, American Pie, Office Space, Stripes...the list goes on...
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Favorite Quote: "It's not that i'm lazy, it's that i just don't care. It's a problem of motivation, if i work my ass off and Initech sells off a few more shipments, i don't see another dime. So where's the motivation?"
Screen Name:  CWalken83

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Posted: 08-30-2015 07:36 PM

Aisha: Yo! How have you been!!

Posted: 09-23-2008 08:39 AM

Aisha: wonderful wonderful
how are things with you? What are u doing these days??? Hows the weather holding up in the burgh?

p.s: did u catch the steelers game on sunday

Posted: 05-31-2008 12:15 PM

Aisha: hey!!!

Posted: 03-23-2008 11:31 AM

Aisha: hey...havent spoken to you in so slong!! hwo have u been???? Hope ur doing well!

Posted: 09-14-2007 02:22 PM

Aisha: whats newwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Posted: 07-23-2007 06:53 PM

Zahara: bored here

Posted: 06-19-2007 03:09 PM

Zahara: hey tommy? how are ya ?

Posted: 11-16-2006 09:48 PM

Aisha: whats up tom.??? howd ur day goo??

Posted: 11-01-2006 02:34 PM

Rochelle: [Gesture] - Blows You a Kiss

Posted: 10-31-2006 02:51 PM

Aisha: [Gesture] - Drops a Spider in Your Hub

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