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Topic: I miss my dog!!

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Topic: I miss my dog!!

Posted: 09-17-2005 12:46 AM

Stephanie: I haven't seen my dog for about two months!!! i live in a dorm so i can't have her and so i sent her with my sister to live with her until i get out! I miss her so much, I wish that I could see her for only one min. i hope that she doesn't forget about me, i know she won’t but because i call her and talk to her on the phone, well not really talk but you know what i mean.... i miss her

Posted: 09-25-2005 05:06 PM

Caitlyn: i have 2 puppies at home and i'm a thousand miles away from them... and my family keeps telling me how big theyre getting and all the funny things they do and i miss them a lot so i know how you feel

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