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Topic: Reading between the lines

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Topic: Reading between the lines

Posted: 07-04-2005 09:58 PM

Keith: Reading Between the Lines

It is an attempt, in the most elementary,
And suddenly your eyes meet mine like water catching fire
And simple domain
Cotton forms in your mouth and suffocates your swallow,
To pass from the lower to the higher. In pursuing it
You lean into me and our shadows collide
The mind passes from one kind of intuituion to a higher one
Your body clings to mine like hydrogen to oxygen
And with that transition the horizon of thought is altered.
Magnets against metal, tongue against skin
It becomes clear that there is a physical existence transcending
I wonder if across the room your secret fantasy meets mine
The ordinary physical existence; and one becomes incline to think
Finding a space between the stacks
That the right direction to look is, not away
To share a Saturday embrace
From matter to spiritual existences
A forbidden memory forever written
But towards the discovery of conceptions of higher matter
In desire

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