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Topic: Been awhile...more poems

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Topic: Been awhile...more poems

Posted: 07-04-2005 09:57 PM

Keith: Raindrops and Coffeepots

I can see them through the sliding blinds,
Illuminated kitchen scene set against the darkness of the night
Cast iron pans and tempers clawing
At each otherís throats
And I think,
So this must be love.

In the apartment above me,
A coffee cup shatters against a wall
Menís dress shirts jump from the second story
Plummeting to their death in a patch of magnolias
And I think,
They must be so happy.

Walking past my apartment in a light rain
I looked in my windows and saw
An empty kitchen
A perfect set of coffee cups, and
Just myself, slipping down the glass
In a thousand fragments of lonely raindrops

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