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Topic: One I wrote

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Topic: One I wrote

Posted: 06-02-2005 04:10 PM

Jeremy: Drawing Meaningless Breath

- Deep in depths, deceitfully indebted debris of Dave
- All around airs heirs of accented arpeggios to eights
- Valiant vassals vaguely veer vacant veins to
- Escrows of endless euphoria, eerily resembling entities

- Mindless and misshapen, mistakenly masquerading more than marching
- Ants attacking apostates of apologetic apathy
- Theoretically, they’re theatrically taking their time
- Teasing transience to take turns toping, toking
- Hallucinating heavens habituated by hell
- Ever-ending eyes enter an ephemeral epilogue
- Wearing wine, winging whole-notes where
- Slaps should sing, silently soaking sunshine’s salient seduction

(I love Dave Matthews Band and their music. I'm a follower whose seen them probably a half dozen times but lots of their followers basically worship them and I just thought it was kind of funny to see these people. So this poem makes fun of them, not the band.)

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