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Topic: Somebody teach me to Snowboard

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Topic: Somebody teach me to Snowboard

Posted: 02-02-2005 01:08 PM

Mo: I wanna do 40 foot jumps and do mad tricks. But first, can someone teach me to snowboard??

Posted: 02-02-2005 01:28 PM

Laura: I will teach you .. I started doing halfpipes for 2years..and havebeen snowboarding for 4years ..So any help you need

Posted: 02-02-2005 02:55 PM

Mo: For real? That would be awesome! We'll have to go sometime n take over the mountains

Posted: 02-02-2005 06:47 PM

Laura: Sure anytime

Posted: 02-04-2005 02:26 PM

Aisha: what are the possible injuries of snowboarding? *just out of curioisity*

Posted: 02-04-2005 09:47 PM

Laura: Pretty much anything... Mostly broken ankles or fingers or wrist.. When I started on half pipe I got alot of bruises but it worth it cause its such a rush

Posted: 02-22-2006 02:15 PM

Brandon: I've broken both rotator cuffs. The chances are proportional to the risks you take. BUT so is the fun and enjoyment.

Posted: 02-23-2006 08:49 PM

Omar: You guys are all nuts but I am going to try it soon anyways"Oh, I guess that makes me nuts too"

Posted: 02-24-2006 03:44 PM

Melissa: Oh can I please come and watch. I promise not to laugh too hard when you fall on you ass..

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