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Topic: **Offical G Language Pt. 2**

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Topic: **Offical G Language Pt. 2**

Posted: 07-16-2007 12:34 AM

Joe: Jawn - a word that originated in Philly. It can mean anything from a fine girl to a water bottle. Can be used for anything and everything.
1. "That jawn is hot" 2. "Yo pass me that jawn."
Diesel - Awesome or strong, as in physcical power. Also used to describe something that is great, cool, or sexy.

1. "He's diesel." 2. "Thats diesel."

Husky - An adjective meaning sweet, dope, nice, or doin it real big. Can also be used to describe a big person.
1. "That car is husky." 2. "That dude is husky"

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