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Topic: What is the most ridiculous thing that a cop has ever harrassed you about?

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Topic: What is the most ridiculous thing that a cop has­ ever harrassed you about?

Posted: 03-23-2005 10:47 AM

Sherri: I have quite a few in my case...however the best one would definitely hafta be the time my friend karla got screamed at about a piece of garbage that wasn't even hers to begin perhaps it could even be the time some kid i work with got pulled over because he supposedly looked suspicious--he was driving home from church!!lol

Posted: 04-01-2005 01:57 PM

Barry: hmm got pulled over for drinking surge(I mean in hindsight for drinking such a horrlbe softdrink I should have) but anyways I guess the officer thought it was a rolling rock I was like all of 17 at the time lol and then after he figures Im not drinking and driving he leaves me with most corny line "surge on" i was just like ....i hate you lol

Posted: 04-04-2005 06:23 PM

Timothy: Over Christmas Break I was walking back from a friends house about a mile away and a cop passed me as I was nearing the road I lived on. Then as I got on the road he passed again, and then finally he turned around and stopped. Now I was extremely trashed and luckily my brother was with me who was 21 to do most of the talking, but the reason he stopped us was for a CURFEW violation... now I'm 6'5 and my brother is almost 6' and this cop thought we were under 18? Anyways to try and make a long story short, he couldn't understand why we were walking even though we told him 3 times that we didnt have a car. He asked us if we wanted a ride even though I only lived 100ft away and then he left, as we got onto my driveway another cop came flying up and slammed on his brakes right beside us but then kept going when we turned around and waved at him... the cops in my area are really stupid Thank God lol

Posted: 06-04-2006 08:51 PM

Crystal: ha ha where should i begin? Once i got pulled over b/c of speeding,the passenger didn't have a seatbelt on & proceeded 2 put it on. Anyway,the PO-lice seen it but instead acused me of trying 2 sneek my seatbelt on. So i argued, he said " R U calling me a liar, i have it on camera." I said "Yea, I am callin u a liar & i wanna see it if u say i did." Of course he couldn't show me n-e thing so he told me 2 go home 4 the night b/c it was late(2am).WHUTEVA!! But ya know they think they high Rollin w/ a badge!!!!

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