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Category: Sports & Recreation
Owner: Aisha
Description: If your fave sport is­ soccer!!!! JOin in!...for­ anyone who loves playing­ soccer...or loves the­ game..come on in!!! :)..
Created on: March 03, 2005
Community Type: Public

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how long have you­ played soccer?
by Tiffany

okay quick contest to get the ball rolling ... haha okay, not punny. scratch that. quick contest to get the posts started :p i played for 14 year...
by farid
Soccer Hooligans­ afoot
by Barry

Just watched the US lose to England last weekend at soldier feild. Afterwards this Italian kid started up a chant of "hey England America is your daddy&q...
by Conrad
the real football
by Tiffany

okay, post a quick note here if you agree that soccer is the REAL football!!! ;):D ps ... all those pads are for pansies ... real football players...
by Tiffany

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