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Dumb Pollock Society - Individuals
Dumb Pollock Society

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Category: Individuals
Owner: Arbo Arbutiski, Jason
Description: Join the Polish­ Eagles...for all you dumb­ pollocks out there!....like­ me
Created on: February 05, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Last Post
from POLAND!!
by Michal

who was born in poland and where? i was born in Zyrardow!!
by Michael
Are you proud to­ be Polish?
by Lisa

We might not be the startest individuals on earth but we know how to have a great time! Having a great time is something to be proud of! Do you agree?
by Michael
Not as dumb as we­ look...
by Tracy

by Arbo

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John aka JP Wolf
John aka J (61)
Ewelina Wojtczak
Ewelina (10)
Michal M
Michal (53)
Arbo Arbutiski, Jason
Arbo (23)
that guy
that (33)
michal uchymiak
michal (5)
Angela Mazur
Angela (60)

Raymond Carney
Raymond (4)

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