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Nice Ass

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Category: Individuals
Owner: This community needs a new owner.
Description: Who thinks they have a nice­ ass..
Created on: February 04, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Ass Preference
by Matthew

okay guys and gals... describe for yourself your favorite kind of ass. do you like big and juicy or small and petite?
by Laura
3rd Nicest Ass in­ North America
by Justin

Being as I have the 3rd nicest ass in North America, as voted by you, the fans and a panel of my nice-assed peers, I find it very odd that this group has been ...
by Randy

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O.G. (1396)
Chris Lape
Chris (196)
Matt Neary
Matt (79)
Matt B
Matt (72)
Jon Herrmann
Jon (76)
Twanita Turner
Twanita (245)
Sherri .
Sherri (132)
Freddy Leeman
Freddy (56)
Matthew Dvorin
Matthew (9)

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