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Dave's Song of the Day - Music
Dave's Song of the Day

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Category: Music
Owner: This community needs a new owner.
Description: Because I am such a music­ fan.. everyday I get new­ stuff.. and I would love­ to share it.. so just­ check back everyday for a­ link to something I think­ everyone would like! Now,­ based on my mood, these­ songs may go from something­ out there, to rap, to slow­ music.. and yes, that's­ EVERYONE as the community­ mascot :-)
Created on: February 04, 2005
Community Type: Public

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SoTd: Thursday,­ May 26, 2005
by Justin

I feel like this is going to be a big ass song this summer. I've actually had the song for a while, but the quality was shitty. Just downloaded the full albu...
by Justin
SoTd: Thursday,­ May 12, 2005
by Justin

So you all thought Jay-Z was retired. Wrong. He recorded a new track and made it the intro of Memphis Bleeks new album. This track was produced by Just Blaz...
by Justin
SoTd: Tuesday, May­ 3, 2005
by Justin

Ok Offord, lets see if you have this one. I would be willing to bet Mr. Dave Offord never heard this before, but I love it, and I think you will too. Again, ...
by Justin
SoTd: Monday May­ 2, 2005
by Justin

Ok, I'm on a live kick, so I'm giving you John Legend stuff today and tomorrow. Today is John Legend live, and he brings Kanye West up to perform. Enjoy!!
by Justin
SoTd: Friday,­ April 29 2005
by Justin

Today is Friday my friends and I worked my dick off this week, I'm in the mood for some fun music. How about two songs. Kanye and Ma$e is a great choice, can...
by Justin
SoT(Month): New­ Kanye! ­ "Diamonds&quo­ t;
by Dave

I know alot of you have heard me play this song on constant loop.. but for those that don't have it.. oh boy.. this ish is HOT! "Diamonds&qu ot; Kanye West
by Dave
SoTd: Wednesday,­ April 27, 2005
by Justin

Today's song of the day is a little odd. I'm a huge Puff Daddy fan, always have been, always will be. He is working on his "final" solo album, gath...
by Barry
SoTd: Tuesday,­ April 26, 2005
by Justin

We're gonna do another gay/not gay combo today! MTV Unplugged in association with me proudly brings you Brian Adams and Jay-Z!! Bryan Adams "Summer of '69"
by Aisha
SoTd: Monday April­ 25, 2005
by Justin

Today there will be two songs of the day. One is new and I feel like no one else has it, so I'm gonna post it, and the other one is to prove that I'm not gay,...
by Justin
SoTd: Friday,­ April 22, 2005
by Justin

Dave should just call this site what it is. Dave's song of the every couple weeks. This shit is a joke! I search the earth for new songs and try to associate...
by Aisha

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