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Category: Cities & Neighborhoods
Owner: Aisha
Description: For people who like to be­ all around the world and­ love to try new things!­ join in :) talk about where­ youve been, what youve seen­ and whatever comes to mind!
Created on: February 02, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Last Post
i've been around­ the world and­ back..........
by Elaine

...Where have i been???? of all..i was born in Africa, so i've been to SouthAfrica, Botswana, Zambia,..then i went to Europe and was in England, ...
by Elaine
Best place youve­ been?
by Aisha

whats the nicest place yove visited so far?:)
by Bridget
If you could go­ anywhere in the­ world, where would­ it be?
by Angela

You've got money to burn and a passport.. where do you go?
by liseth

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