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A diamond is a girls best friend - Hobbies & Activities
A diamond is a girls best friend

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Category: Hobbies & Activities
Owner: This community needs a new owner.
Description: It is it is!!!!
Created on: January 31, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Your favorite cut­ and type of ring
by Lauren

GIRLS: you gotta go for platinum! I prefer princess cut. Has anyone ever seen an aquamarine stone?- it's a blue stone, so pretty. I so have my engagment ring a...
by Jessica
A Diamond Will­ Outlast Your­ Boyfriend!
by Jessica

So what's up with all my fellow April babies who get to celebrate the best, the toughest, and the most expensive little (and sometimes big) pieces of compresse...
by Jessica
I need one then
by Kimba

If a diamond is a girls best friend then I need one, got to have one...he!he!:0
by Jessica

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