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Category: Hobbies & Activities
Owner: Aisha
Description: For everyone who likes­ playboy, or hates finding­ playboy in their­ significant others rooms,­ join in! ;)
Created on: January 31, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Posing for Playboy
by Jessica

Well I've been thinking of sending some pics in for a while but haven't officially decided, but here's the question...
What would you do if you opene...
by Marlon
Hustler versus­ Playboy
by Michelle

Hustler kicks some major Playboy ass. Looking at naked girls, sadly, does little for me. Throw some penis in there, go! Go penis! If someone co...
by Michelle
Bunny wear
by Michelle

Okay, the Playboy bunny logo is fine, but what's with teenagers wearing it on their shirts and what-not? I'm not talking eighteen, I'm talking fourteen and th...
by Michelle
Who reads playboy­ just for the­ articles?
by Mo

I love their articles. They are very informative and editors do a wonderful job of putting it all together. I don't know why people have such a negative view...
by Abraham

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