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Category: Games
Owner: Aisha
Description: For people who are addicted­ to video games or still in­ the process..
Created on: January 31, 2005
Community Type: Public

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What games do you­ like to play?
by Asif

I like to play fighting games like Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Marvel v. Capcom, Final Fantasy (all), Super Mario 64 DS, etc. What do you li...
by Justin

The College Mall

  members (14)
Aisha (3197)
Josh Powell
Josh (19)
Jenna Pyle
Jenna (21)
Asif Fasih
Asif (13)
Justin Plevinski
Justin (6)
Rob Szostak
Rob (350)
Justin Ellenwood
Justin (9)
Erica Ringle
Erica (4)
Crystal Warheit
Crystal (39)

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