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Category: Computers & Internet
Owner: Aisha
Description: Computers are cool deal­ with it.
Created on: January 30, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Blue Ray Disks!!!
by Zechariah

Ok so do you think Blue Ray Disks, that are being used in the new PS3 games will replace the DVD? and does anyone know how much they are selling for?
by Justin
Did ya know?
by Sandeep

Did ya guys kno that u cud never name a folder "con". Windows never lets you do that!
by Justin
Who is your daddy­ and what does he­ do?!?!?
by Barry

What Computer Tech reltated jobs do you have out there and what do you do for who? I work for EMC2 as an Implementation Specialist and love the da...
by Justin
Is that me in the­ community picture?
by Kevin

It's sad, but I feel like that guy. Overworked little fellow, poor man, working out of a basement to support his fam. I hear you brother...stay strong. Know th...
by Aisha

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