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Victorias Secret - Fashion & Beauty
Victorias Secret

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Category: Fashion & Beauty
Owner: Aisha
Description: Ladies love to shop there,­ Men love to be there. What­ more can i say?
Created on: January 30, 2005
Community Type: Public

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name the chick in­ the pic
by maaz

hey can anyone tell me the name of this model.the one that you see in the display picture of this community.
by Diva
Favourite Victoria­ Secret line
by Aisha

mines Angel!!!!! and So sexy is very nice too
by Ashley
Why don't they­ hire striaght­ guys?
by Mo

I tried to get a job there a few years ago and they didn't even give me an application. I was deeply hurt. I always wanted to help people ever since I was a ...
by Ashley
What is Victoria's­ Secret?
by Bryan

What do you think the secret is? Why do they charge so much to find out? Why cant guys go there alone without being staired at? and oh yea why dont they hir...
by Leonna

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