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New York

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Category: Cities & Neighborhoods
Owner: Aisha
Description: NYC Is the City of all­ cities!!! Wonderful place­ to be in, rather expensive­ to reside in but it just­ rocks!!!! For anyone whos­ been to new york, likes new­ york,loves new york, adores­ new york, dreams of new­ york,survives in new york,­ workes in new york, partied­ in new york 8) or even­ hates new york!!!!!! This­ community is for you!!! =)
Created on: January 30, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Last Post
Gotta love the­ nightlife.......
by Cristina

Favorite bars, clubs.....anyone?!
by Cristina
Pic of Chicago...
by Rhonda

I love how the picture of new york is really of chicago!! The Sears Tower and the John Hancock are defintly visible!! I think that a new pic should be put up i...
by Rhonda
i love NY
by Aisha

luv it 8)! just wanted to say it again.. ;)
by Elaine
Best place to be­ be in NY
by Aisha

Time square n 42nd st without a doubt!!!!!!Brodway shopping!!!!!!!!
by Randy

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