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Belly Dance

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Category: Music
Owner: This community needs a new owner.
Description: Belly dance is a Western­ name coined for a style of­ dance developed in the­ Middle East and other­ Arabic-influenced areas. If­ you admire the moves of­ this dance, or if you know­ how to belly dance, join­ the community.
Created on: February 25, 2006
Community Type: Public

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Last Post
by Bridget

OMG I am going to learn how to bellydance. This chick from around my area is with a troupe and performs and teaches. She's gonna give me a lesson on it and all...
by Bridget
I wish i could­ belly dance
by Elaine

I really wish i could belly's so cool to watch other people shaking know all about it sister girlfriend....and Rabia...let...
by Suna
Rabia and her­ bling blings
by Suna

Actually, no.. She doesn't wear bling bling necklaces but one night, I saw her wearing those thingies that you rub around your butt, the things that belly danc...
by Aisha
Good for health!
by Suna

Did you know that Belly dancing is one of the best exercises for the ladies body? The benefits are both mental and physical. Many belly dance styles emphasize ...
by Deepali

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Deepali M
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Elaine (22)

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