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Category: Alumni & Schools
Owner: Kevin Lang
Description: This community is for all­ Angelo State University­ students, friends, alum,­ and any other party people­ who love to live it up in­ San An. Meet friends. Talk­ about classes, dorm life,­ or whatever. Don't forget­ to grade your Angelo State­ University professors. Just­ click on the 'Grade­ Professors' tab at the top­ right. Drop by, say hi, and­ leave a post!
Created on: February 20, 2006
Community Type: Public

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What do you do for­ fun at ASU or in­ San Angelo?
by Kevin

If you don't live on (or near) campus, then where are you from? What do you do for fun in San An ...say on a Fri night?
by Kevin
What are you­ majoring in at­ ASU?
by Kevin

What's your major at ASU? Business? Education? Computer Science? etc... which department is the best???
by Kevin

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Latest Comment: Very easy class and u are actually learning. It is easy to make an A. Homework is usually finished in class - A+  More Comments

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