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Category: Alumni & Schools
Owner: Kevin Lang
Description: This is for all Michigan­ State University students,­ alumni, and friends. Talk­ about your experiences at­ the university and what you­ do for fun in great E.­ Lansing Mich. Grade your­ MSU professors through the­ 'Grade Professors' tab at­ the top right of the page.­ Start posting and make a­ few new friends. Go­ Spartans!!!
Created on: February 13, 2006
Community Type: Public

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Last Post
Which MSU dorm is­ the best?
by Kevin

Help! Which MSU dorm is the best? Wilson, Case, Holmes, etc?
by Kevin
How do you have­ fun at MSU? Any­ suggestions?
by Kevin

Working out at IM East is a good stress relief, except the indoor track at east kinda sucks. A day of golf at Forest Akers or Indian Hills is fun too. MSU part...
by Kevin
Which department­ (major) at MSU has­ the best­­ teachers?
by Kevin

English dept.? Chemistry? History?... what's the best?
by Kevin

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