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Linux Losers, Users, and Posers - Computers & Internet
Linux Losers, Users, and Posers

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Category: Computers & Internet
Owner: This community needs a new owner.
Description: If you're a noob linux user­ and don't know what you're­ really doing with what­ (like me) or if you're a­ expert with some insight to­ offer to eager­ students..this is the place­ to be.
Created on: November 06, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Which­ "distro"­ are you using?
by Yardell

I'm running mandriva 2006 myself
by Yardell
Don't like the­ name of the group?
by Yardell

...then make a suggestion, I'm all ears. But, this is the de-facto forum im trying to get rolling. Hope you all like it.
by Yardell

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