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Category: Alumni & Schools
Owner: Kevin Lang
Description: This is where you talk­ about the University of­ Georgia. Discuss life on­ campus, classes, profs,­ Bulldog sports, and­ everything else UGA. Grade­ your University of Georgia­ professors by clicking on­ the Grade My Professors tab­ at the top right corner of­ the page. Friends and­ alumni are more than­ welcome.
Created on: November 06, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Who's your­ favorite Georgia­ professor?
by Kevin

Who's the best University of Georgia professor you've had?
by Tyrus
by Clay

Great another online social thingy that I could not resist joining. I should start a list so I don't forget to delete stuff about me online when I look for a j...
by Clay
Party Posts?
by Kevin

Post party announcements below!!!
by Kevin

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Latest Comment: Easy course, atheist teacher who expresses his own beliefs everyday. ei. compared God to an adult santa clause - A  More Comments

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