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Oh, I think they like me - Individuals
Oh, I think they like me

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Category: Individuals
Owner: This community needs a new owner.
Description: Basically this is for the­ ladies that give a nigga­ one dance and him and his­ guy follow you for the rest­ of the night...I think they­ like you. And for the­ fellas that have four pies­ around them at one time...I­ think they like you.
Created on: September 30, 2005
Community Type: Public

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by Twanita

What ya'll know about jukin??
by tamika
I KNOW they like­ me!
by Talar

Hey I can't help it if guys start following me around after I give them some attention!!! what can i say?!! :) 8) :p I know y'all like me j.k.
by A.

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