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Petalouda Omada

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Category: Religion & Culture
Owner: Anthony Nielsen
Description: Every large scale reaction­ requires a catalyst. In­ this case, this group is­ still in the catalytic­ stage. I have a spiritual­ take on the "Butterfly­ Effect". This is based­ on the meteorological­ belief that a butterfly­ flapping its wings on one­ side can cause a­ disturbance such that would­ cause a tornado on the­ other side of the world.
Created on: September 28, 2005
Community Type: Public

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religious­ background?
by Anthony

I grew up in a devout christian household but am exploring other realms of being and such.
by Anthony
rest of the­ objective­ statement
by Anthony

A derivation of this theory is the belief that we as human beings can act as conductors of sorts. The positive or negative accumulation of emotions or thoughts...
by Anthony
my completed God­ Postulate part 1
by Anthony

Have you ever seen those Japanese arcade games with the pins and the coin drops from the top and the direction of where the coin lands is contingent on the pin...
by Anthony
statement created­ by a member
by Anthony

Overall, the understanding of God is always in progress, never complete, nor set in stone (stated by Sensible Destroyer). For this reason, I hope to encourage...
by Anthony

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