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Nursing Majors - Academics & Education
Nursing Majors

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Category: Academics & Education
Owner: Deepali M
Description: For those studying and/or­ pursuing careers in the­ various healthcare and­ medical fields. We also­ welcome those who are­ already currently employed­ within the healthcare­ system via medical and or­ allied health careers.
Created on: September 26, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Worst Nursing­ Class
by Deepali

Tell which is/was your worst nursing class ever! and why. Mine...would have to be pharmacology. 1 and 2. and y? because it was just a buch of meds and memorizi...
by Deepali
OUZ Nursing
by Lashley

Does anyone know someone who gets into OUZ Nursing program in Winter Quarter? Let me know! Thanks
by Deepali

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