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Gym Rats - Health & Fitness
Gym Rats

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Category: Health & Fitness
Owner: This community needs a new owner.
Description: The world is divided­ between the HAVES and HAVE­ NOTS. The HAVE NOTS make­ excuses to skip­ training-the weather, a­ flat tire. When they are in­ the gym they talk­ endlessly, take too many­ trips to the water­ fountain.. They worry about­ their hair. The HAVE NOTS­ train so they can get a­ piece. The HAVES? It's all­ about the iron. They­ approach lifting like its a­ job. Do it right the 1st­ time, don't screw around­ and never cut corners.­ Time's a wasting. Ur set­ up. which side are u on?­ This is ur choice. "
Created on: September 24, 2005
Community Type: Public

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by Gina

haha it's funny that there are 37 members in the weed community and only 2 in the gym rats!! hilarious!
by Gina

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