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Owner: Kevin Lang
Description: What's up Clemson! This is­ where you talk about your­ experiences at Clemson­ University. Got a good CU­ story or some hot news?­ We'd love to hear. Discuss­ CU sports and more. Be sure­ to check out the Friday­ Nights at Clemson community­ to talk about what happens­ on the weekends at CU.­ Click the 'Grade My­ Professors' tab above to­ grade your Clemson­ University professors.
Created on: September 15, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Is Clemson really­ one of­ "America's­ Best­ Colleges"?
by Kevin

As I'm sure you've heard, "U.S.News & World Report" ranked Clemson as one of America's best colleges in 2006? I'm not so sure I agree. What about you?

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Latest Comment: Very nice and very helpful in my lab. He really reinforced what questions I had from the lecture class. - A+  More Comments

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