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Category: Alumni & Schools
Owner: Kevin Lang
Description: This is for all West­ Virginia University­ students to talk about­ Mountaineer life. Discuss­ the good times, the bad­ times, and everything in­ between at WVU. Everyone,­ remember to grade your WVU­ professors by clicking the­ tab above. This way we can­ help each other get the­ best West Virginia profs­ and avoid the bad ones.­ Enjoy the community!
Created on: September 12, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Do you like the­ PRT?
by Kevin

What to you think of the people movers (Personal Rapid Transit system) at WVU? The university is so proud of them. Somehow, I don't share their same enthusiasm...
by Elizabeth
Would you­ recommend West­ Virginia­ University?
by Kevin

Are you glad to be a Mountaineer? Would you recommend WVU to college bound high school seniors?
by Kevin

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Latest Comment: He was ok, but he read directly from the slides. I learned nothing from him. - B-  More Comments

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