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Category: Other
Owner: Kevin Lang
Description: This is for all the fans of­ the TV show LOST. Discuss­ your theories and talk­ about the latest episodes.­ If you don't know the­ story, it surrounds a group­ of survivors of an airline­ crash, Oceanic Flight 815,­ who end up stranded on a­ not-so-deserted island.­ Each episode focuses on a­ different character,­ flashing back to their past­ as they struggle to deal­ with inner demons exposed­ by the circumstances that­ they find themselves in on­ the island. The show is­ filmed on location in­ Hawaii.
Created on: September 12, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Last Show on­ Tonite!!
by Laura

I can't wait for the show tonite...I think its going to be so good and change alot and open a whole new story for the next season..I will admit when I first sa...
by Laura
Will the new­ season be as good?
by Kevin

My girlfriend and I were discussing this the other night. In order for LOST to continue to work, the writer's will have had to forsee a lot of future plot poin...
by Laura
Official Website­ for Oceanic­ Airlines
by Kevin

Okay, I found a freaky link to Oceanic Airlines. It's kinda cool. They made a website for the airline of the plane that they crashed on. It says they've gone o...
by Kevin
Like a frickin'­ broken record!!!!
by Kevin

Who else is tired of all the Lost repeats? I mean c'mon, their stranded on an island. What else to they have to do!
by Kevin
my theory
by michele

i have a theory about the whole show.It has to be some kind of virtual reality, in which everybody interacts with everyone else.there is no other way to explai...
by michele

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