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Rainbows Don't Describe Me - Dating & Relationships
Rainbows Don't Describe Me

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Category: Dating & Relationships
Owner: Cherry Yeldell
Description: Well, People this community­ is for those of us that­ aren't living the­ prerequested lifestyle ..­ for those of us who see no­ gender when it comes.. to­ love but we have a­ prefrence. So let's all­ mingle... Lesbians, Gays,­ Bi's... The Rainbow doesn't­ describe who we truly are.­ We are normal just like­ everyone else.. But society­ is afraid of change.. It is­ afraid of things that­ aren't of the average­ norm..But here.. we are­ normal.. Come as you are...
Created on: September 07, 2005
Community Type: Public

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by Cherry

So if you are reading this you have joined.. Welcome.. get to know each other... let's um how do they say it... Network...
by Marquita

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