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Science Class

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Category: Academics & Education
Owner: This community needs a new owner.
Description: This is a community for all­ those whose major is­ science related. Its main­ objective is to satisfy any­ questions one might have in­ their science classes (or­ just want to complain about­ them). It also is to­ answer any questions for­ people who are trying to­ get accepted into a­ professional school (Med,­ Dental, Pharm, PT, Optom,­ ect.).
Created on: July 20, 2005
Community Type: Public

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I got accepted!!
by Imran

I just got accepted to a medical school in the caribbean!! It is called Saba University School of Medicine. It seems great, though I have never been there. T...
by Imran
Medical schools
by Imran

I am a pre-med student and applying to med schools. This a process that is sometimes more stressful and more work than a full-time job!! What do people think...
by Imran

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