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Your Future Jounalist - Hobbies & Activities
Your Future Jounalist

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Category: Hobbies & Activities
Owner: christine borders
Description: This club is for all of­ those writers out there who­ plann to make it big. share­ your thoughts, stories,­ peoms, and give tips­ whatever you like
Created on: May 26, 2005
Community Type: Public

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What do you want­ to right about?
by christine

Share with yor peers what you plan to write about in the near future, science fiction, non fiction, pr journalist, what?
by christine

  members (5)
Aisha (3197)
Shena Hocker
Shena (263)
Vivian Latimer
Vivian (3191)
christine borders
christine (214)
Jim Gabbard
Jim (76)

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