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Category: Other
Owner: Yu-kai FD Link
Description: (For Complete Information,­ Visit­ http://kuosion.vinsion.net/­ FD/) Ever heard of the­ saying, "When you­ enter society, it's not­ what you know that matters,­ but who you know?" For­ this purpose, the FD­ Network is created to­ expand your connections in­ society. Whether you want­ to put together a team or­ just seeking guidance,­ through the FD Network, by­ knowing one more person,­ The Link, you potentially­ know a whole network of­ people who excel in­ different fields.
Created on: May 20, 2005
Community Type: Public

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by Cari

Just thought that it was little funny that there was only one person in this group.....and it's about networking. Oh well. I guess it has to start somewhere. H...
by Cari

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Cari (24)
Rob Szostak
Rob (350)
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