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West Chester University of Pennsylvania - Alumni & Schools
West Chester University of Pennsylvania

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Category: Alumni & Schools
Owner: Aisha
Description: For anyone who went here or­ goes here or planning to go­ here;Alumni, and faculty­ and anyone else..more than­ welcome to­ join. http://www.wcupa.edu­ /
Created on: May 17, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Is it worth living­ on Campus?
by Kevin

Is it worth living on campus or is communting better. If so, which dorm is best, Goshen, Schmidt, Killinger, Tyson? ...Help!
by Kevin
How do you have­­ fun at WCU? Any­­ suggestions?
by Kevin

I like playing basketball at Hollinger Fieldhouse and working out at Ehinger. The occasional WCU party can pass the time if you can find one. What else is ther...
by Kevin
To my fellow­ Chestites
by Colleen

Where is everyone??
by Barry

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Latest Comment: Very interesting class. She tends to cancel class a lot. Overall a cool professor. Not very many tests AT ALL - A  More Comments

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