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Rap Legends - Music
Rap Legends

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Category: Music
Owner: Eloy Leibas
Description: 4 all rap fans... This is­ where yall can all come and­ debate about who­ is/was/will be the best­ rapper, the best lyricist,­ overall rapper, etc.
Created on: May 03, 2005
Community Type: Public

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You need this.
by Matt

Just picked up the new Cunninglynguist LP called "A piece of Strange," and it's absolutely insane. Do yourself a favor and download these 2 tracks s...
by Matt
Game or 50?
by Eloy

Game - talks 2 much about dre/pac/biggie BUT some of his songs do have some substance, actually has something 2 say
50 - WAYY TOO COCKY, talks 2 m...
by Mignon

  members (6)
Aisha (3197)
Matt Foster
Matt (17)
Eloy Leibas
Eloy (7)
Mignon Glickman
Mignon (5)
Jessie Revill
Jessie (71)
Kyle Crump
Kyle (1)

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