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Aisha's of Campushopper

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Category: Individuals
Owner: Aisha
Description: For anyone whos name is­ Aisha!:) and is on­ campushopper...this ones­ for you ladies ;)! or even­ if you like the name..or­ just want to meet some­ 'aishas' join in the fun­ ;)!
Created on: April 29, 2005
Community Type: Public

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My name is Aisha
by Matthew

No wait... my name's not Aisha... I'm just here to meet people and people named Aisha have to be cool. So here I am!
by Ayesha

  members (7)
Aisha (3197)
Rabia C.
Rabia (1664)
Elaine Kuhar
Elaine (90)
Mitch McAfoose
Mitch (175)
Matthew C.
Matthew (49)
Rob Szostak
Rob (350)
Ayesha Ghori
Ayesha (33)

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