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Thank God For Summer Break - Individuals
Thank God For Summer Break

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Category: Individuals
Owner: Josh Powell
Description: It's summer again!! Thank­ god! Time to chill out and­ take a step back from all­ the books and lessons. And­ for some, a time to regain­ some of that ill spent­ money you might have burned­ on all the essential school­ supplies. (i.e. Pizza,­ Beer, Chinese, Etc...) ­ Keep the community posted­ on your awesome summer­ adventures and hook-ups.­ That is if you can find the­ time amongst all the fun­ you are having. Have a­ good one all!
Created on: April 16, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Summer plans?
by Aisha

really thank God for summer! damn right!!!! :) whats your summer plan?8)
by Aisha

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