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White Russian - Hobbies & Activities
White Russian

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Category: Hobbies & Activities
Owner: Jake Kepler
Description: This community is dedicated­ to the best drink ever.
Created on: April 13, 2005
Community Type: Public

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just how good is a­ white russian
by Eric

white russians are the greatest drink known to man...as they always say "a white russian a day keeps the queers away"
by Noelle

  members (13)
Dustin Weber
Dustin (41)
Tommy B
Tommy (156)
Jon Herrmann
Jon (76)
Rockelle Welch
Rockelle (357)
Gavin Ferris
Gavin (24)
Samantha Greenalch
Samantha (40)
Jake Kepler
Jake (64)
vanessa sychak
vanessa (106)
Pat OToole
Pat (103)

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