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MTV sucks. - Music
MTV sucks.

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Category: Music
Owner: Dustin Weber
Description: MTV is for tools. It never­ plays any music, and if it­ ever happens to, it sucks. ­ Embrace the fact that­ "Music­ Television" is a­ contridiction in terms, and­ should be pulled from the­ air to help better the­ world. If you hold the­ same viewpoint or a similar­ one, join this community. ­ If you don't, wise up and­ rid yourself from MTV­ forever, then join.
Created on: April 05, 2005
Community Type: Public

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MTV2 Plays Actual­ Videos
by Sherri

MTV2 plays actual videos if you're sick of the regular MTV which has a lot of other shows not related to music.
by Justin

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