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Technology Haters

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Category: Individuals
Owner: Josh Powell
Description: For those that feel like­ technology is out to get­ you. Either it never works­ for you or hurts you when­ you try to get it to work.­ Share your funny­ experiences or just join­ for the hell of it.
Created on: April 05, 2005
Community Type: Public

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ok people lets­ hear some horror­ stories
by Brian

not so much a horror story, but once i crashed my graphing calculator loosing EVERYTHING in memory which took forever to manually input, and my cellphone it di...
by Josh

  members (7)
Elaine Kuhar
Elaine (90)
Josh Powell
Josh (19)
Beth Hoffman
Beth (23)
vanessa sychak
vanessa (106)
Mary Sheridan
Mary (3)
Brian W
Brian (29)
Cristen Gides
Cristen (9)

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