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Category: Individuals
Owner: Brian W
Description: I love candy, and i think­ many others do too. This­ is a place where all the­ candy lovers can get­ togather and talk about new­ jelly beans by starburst,­ the old dip a sticks, and­ everything in between if­ its sweet its here!
Created on: April 05, 2005
Community Type: Public

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jelly beans
by Brian

has anyone noticed the vast array of jelly beans on the market now! espically the new ones from starburst and lifesavers.....and they're all awsome!
by Vanessa
what was your fav­ candy as a kid
by Brian

i always liked going to the pool in the summer, and buying those ring pops...mmmmm, and those long Jolley Ranchers from the vending machine. Does anyone know...
by Natalie
Whos the biggest­ candy lover you­ know of and why?
by Brian

i think Natalie is....she once told me that she ate all her easter candy in 4 days including a 3" x3" chocolate egg.....congrats Natalie
by Natalie

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