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The Nice Guys

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Category: Individuals
Owner: Josh Powell
Description: This community is for those­ Nice Guys out there that­ are tired of getting taken­ advantage of just because­ people know they are too­ nice to fight back. Also­ for those that are sick of­ the assholes in life­ getting everything they­ want and winning when they­ don't deserve it, while the­ Nice Guys finish last. The­ Nice Guys. (Guys- refering­ to both men and women)­ Voice your opinions.
Created on: April 04, 2005
Community Type: Public

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anybody with new­ stories or topics
by Josh

Anybody with new stories or topics is welcome post questions for discussion, interesting stories involing assholes getting their come up-ins or nice guys finis...
by Josh

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Aisha (3197)
Trafton Clough
Trafton (33)
Kiet Truong
Kiet (10)
Josh Powell
Josh (19)
Kalin McDannell
Kalin (9)
Cory Matthews
Cory (72)
Jay Smoove
Jay (32)
that guy
that (33)
Jeff Zearfoss
Jeff (52)

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