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Campus Crusade For Christ - Religion & Culture
Campus Crusade For Christ

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Category: Religion & Culture
Owner: Lindsey Bumgarner
Description: Yea. Campus Cruasde The­ mission of Campus Crusade­ for Christ is to turn lost­ students into­ Christ-centered laborers.­ Our spiritual mandate is­ found in Matthew­ 28:18-20: http://campuscru­
Created on: April 04, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Just a thought....
by Holly

As water reflects a face, so a man's heart reflects the man. PVB 27:1 So what are you reflecting?
by Holly
What's in a name?
by Gavin

Does it ever bother anyone that the word "Crusade" is in your name? I mean, I get what you mean by it, but the word is associated with some pretty h...
by Matthew

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