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Friday Nights at Slippery Rock - Alumni & Schools
Friday Nights at Slippery Rock

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Category: Alumni & Schools
Owner: Aisha
Description: Find out whats going on­ friday nights at slippery­ rock ;)!! join in the fun­ everybody :)
Created on: March 31, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Where do you party­ at?
by Kevin

Where do you party at? We sometimes hit up Rock House bar, or just chill in the dorms.
by Nikki
Costume Party
by MIke

hey who is having costume parties for haloween and where are they at?
by MIke
Slippery Rock Hot­ Dog Shop
by Heathyr

Good place to be.. open 24 hours, and Bob is cool. ^_^
For those of you who don't know, it's on Main Street between the new brewery and Ruth's tan...
by Kaley
golf outing
by Bobbie Jo

Any persons interested in golfing in the Slippery Rock Sport Management 4th Annual Golf Outing on Friday April 29 at Tam O'Shanter golf course let me know! It'...
by Bobbie Jo
I'll tell ya where­ everyone needs to­ party next year...
by Nicole

Yeah.. next year I'll finally be back up at the Rock. And in the new South Rock apartments. Come party there! heh. F 105..
by Nicole

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