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Really Really Bored

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Category: Other
Owner: Rob Szostak
Description: This is a place to meet new­ friends so that you will no­ longer have to be put in­ the category of REALLY­ REALLY BORED!
Created on: March 30, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Indiana, PA... ??
by Matthew

name something good to do in this small town... i won't be surprised if no one responds!
by Nicole
done with finals
by Shannon

i am officially done with finals but i am not leaving until tommorow around noon and i am bored out of my mind because i have everythng yeah...any ...
by Shannon
Things to do in­ Clarion
by Melissa there's a bunch of us who aren't 21 yet. What the hell is there to do? Yes I know I could go drink myself stupid at a frat/sorority, but during th...
by Nicole

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