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Curvaceous Chicks - Fashion & Beauty
Curvaceous Chicks

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Category: Fashion & Beauty
Owner: D Johnson
Description: For all of you who reject­ society's view that you­ have to be super skinny in­ order to be happy, join­ here!
Created on: March 29, 2005
Community Type: Public

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Skinny Women Are­ Evil!!
by D

Has anyone ever read that book (written my Mo'Nique)?? It's really funny. I think I might just photocopy it and hand it out around campus! People need...
by Stephen

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Jessica Bayer
Jessica (176)
Jessica Jones
Jessica (42)
Tracey Spicuzza
Tracey (151)
Anna Rush
Anna (125)
Benjamin Wolfgang
Benjamin (28)
Erika T
Erika (53)
Steve N
Steve (31)
Ali Burnett
Ali (4)
amber thompson
amber (41)

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