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Lindsay Lohan Obsessed

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Category: Individuals
Owner: Jonathon Soltesz
Description: The most beautiful girl in­ the world!
Created on: March 28, 2005
Community Type: Public

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L. Lohan
by Brandon

Well I assume somebody thought she was hot to create a community around her... I just thought I would say... she was very hot until she went psycho skinny.
by Brandon

  members (9)
Jonathon Soltesz
Jonathon (29)
sarah shaheen
sarah (59)
Mike Longwood
Mike (17)
vanessa sychak
vanessa (106)
Khanh My
Khanh (30)
Becky Kupiec
Becky (3)
Shannon Coles
Shannon (55)
Sean Dalton
Sean (14)
Kristin Wilson
Kristin (2)

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