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Last Post


This is for REAL

   started by Eric

Visit FreeCardMatrix for a lot more information than I can provide here! It doesn't take much, just ...

category: Business & Economy FreeCardMatrix

09-26-2006 03:08 PM
by Eric


favorite drink

   started by Sarah

grande java chip frap... LOVE IT! i also like the all the coffee cakes... yummmm

category: Business & Economy Starbucks

02-25-2006 04:06 PM
by Rashidah


hey john

   started by Arbo

do you work in a giant eagle pharmacy?

category: Business & Economy Giant Eagle Pharmacy friends and family

12-08-2005 06:51 PM
by Arbo


Whats your Wendy's "usual"?

   started by Ryan

Plain spicy chicken sandwich, nuggets with xtra BBQ sauce. The 2nd bbq sauce for the sandwich. Perfection.

category: Business & Economy Wendy's

10-26-2005 04:10 PM
by Richard


Crazy wolfies..

   started by Suna

The only bar in Indiana that you are free to act how ever you want! I am loving it!!

category: Business & Economy Wolfendales at IUP

10-03-2005 02:21 PM
by Suna


Is there really any better of a drink?

   started by Beth

I think not. Who can resiste a nice cold coce. Thats right no one can.

category: Business & Economy Coca Cola

09-27-2005 10:43 AM
by Erin


Entrepreneurs­ of America

   started by Vivian

Entrepreneurs­ of America-Do you know how Michael Dell started Dell Computer Corporation?
Michael tells the stroy himself on occassion. I happened to be in the auditorium on such an ...

category: Business & Economy Entrepreneurs

09-19-2005 09:53 PM
by Vivian


My Favorite Bebida :)

   started by Jup Jeremy

my favorite bebida - to keep me going at work - :)

category: Business & Economy Pepsi

08-14-2005 03:02 AM
by Brian


I love making and saving money :)

   started by Jup Jeremy

I love to learn about making and saving money. Who else wants to talk money? :)

category: Business & Economy Money

08-08-2005 04:29 PM
by Barry


What do you order?

   started by Weston

I know that almost every time I go to Taco Bell I get the same thing pretty much.... 1 or 2 bean burritos (no onions no sauce) a tostada the new crunch wrap n...

category: Business & Economy Taco Bell

07-27-2005 05:12 PM
by Deepali


Answers to Loan Questions

   started by Michael

I to can help answer any questions you may have, especially on the Mortgage Loan side. I've been a full time loan officer for over 2 years now, and top selling loan officer in my office fo...

category: Business & Economy Real Estate Central

07-18-2005 01:02 AM
by Michael


Just 'cause

   started by Jhoanna

Have y'all ever gone to Walmart just to go? I have; I'll give myself any excuse just to look around and buy something; anything from walmart..."I need a pencil?!?!"

category: Business & Economy Walmart

07-14-2005 03:25 PM
by Sherri


Spare is too cool...

   started by Jon

*sigh*...sorry, I had to...

category: Business & Economy Destinta

07-12-2005 02:36 PM
by Jon


i think i go there too much...

   started by Aisha

well considering theres really not much to do at IUP....i guess its ok :

category: Business & Economy Eat N Park

06-30-2005 11:03 PM
by Aisha


Online shopping?

   started by Gabe

Where is the top 5 best places to shop online for electronics and electronic accessories? My top 5: (once we open)

category: Business & Economy Ypay-more

06-20-2005 04:13 PM
by Gabe


Reasons I Hate Working at a Grocery Store

   started by Nicole

Ahh, there are soo many. 1. Bonus Cards- Every other customer complains about the card. Either they don't have it and can't be bothered to sign up for it, forgot to bring it, can't ...

category: Business & Economy Working Retail Sucks

05-31-2005 06:30 PM
by Nicole


Sabo...where art thou????

   started by Arbo

saaaaaaaboooooooooooo!!!!!!??????....where in the world is sabo?

category: Business & Economy The Church Brew Works

05-07-2005 01:19 AM
by Arbo



   started by Josh

I'm lazy and haven't been keeping up my end of the deal here. Not that anybody actually used anything I posted...

category: Business & Economy Let's Make A Deal

04-12-2005 04:48 PM
by Josh


Hootie commercial

   started by Steve

That commercial is the best ever made! But would you call that the bottom of the barrel for hootie or not?

category: Business & Economy Burger King

03-08-2005 05:15 PM
by Steve


Whats on the menu?

   started by Aisha

whats ur favorite thing on their menu?8)

category: Business & Economy Denny's

03-04-2005 02:50 AM
by Alex
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